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Dallas Mudjacking

There are two types of mudjacking: Hydraulic, or high-pressure mudjacking and low pressure, void-filling mudjacking. Hydraulic mudjacking is used at times to raise a structure. The process involves drilling holes into the foundation and pumping a cement mixture under high pressure. The cement mixture is pumped between the foundation and the native soil. Once the pressure exceeds the weight of the structure, it starts to lift up. Hydraulic mudjacking is an alternative to raising with piers. The advantages of hydraulic mudjacking to lift over using piers is that it is less invasive to the structure. The disadvantage is that controlling what is lifted is difficult. Also, hydraulic mudjacking can do severe damage to the plumbing under the foundation being raised. Consequently, hydraulic mudjacking to lift a foundation is not a very widely used practice.

Low pressure or void filling mudjacking is simply used to fill the void (between the slab and the ground) that is typically created when lifting a foundation with piers. When a foundation is lifted with piers over a widespread area, there is a void created between the foundation and the native soil. While concrete slabs are structurally rigid enough to be lifted with piers, they are not designed to be supported only with point contacts (piers). Therefore, when lifting a widespread area with piers, it is sometimes advantageous to "backfill" the void created by lifting with a low pressure mudjacking.

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